We discovered the best-kept secret to period pain relief.

And now it's in your hands.

When one of our founders discovered the T.E.N.S machine, a device that treats pain through the use of pulse therapy technology, she was shocked at just how effective it was at relieving period pain. It has no side effects, is non-invasive, incredibly easy to use, and has been used by doctors and physiotherapists for decades.

She asked herself: Why isn't this technology directly accessible to everyone, especially considering it has been around forever?

So, she decided to make a change. 

She made the Mira Pro.

The Mira Pro utilises the same pulse therapy technology, but has been designed to specifically target period pain.

What’s more, T.E.N.S machines are bulky, with loads of wires and are super difficult to use. We engineered Mira Pro to solve all these problems. It is sleek, wireless, discrete and super easy to use. 

Let's get technical.

Mira Pro's pulse therapy technology transmits gentle electrical signals into the targeted area, stimulating the nerve endings. This confuses the nerves, ultimately preventing pain signals from reaching the brain while also triggering the production of endorphins; your body’s natural pain killer. 

How Mira Works

Stick it on

Apply the reusable gel pads to the painful area - lower back, stomach, or wherever you feel pain.


Turn it on

The Mira Pro will begin transmitting gentle electrical signals – almost identical to the feeling of a phone vibrating in your pocket. Mira Pro is designed to match everyone’s vibe. 

Enjoy instant relief

The electrical signals immediately block the pain signals from reaching the brain, stopping the sensation of pain. 

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