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Mira Pro

Wireless. All Day Battery Life.

1,000+ 5 Star Reviews

Mira Pro's TENS pulse therapy machine gently triggers the release of your body's natural painkillers, known as endorphins and helps relieve nerve, muscle or joint pain including cramps, back, shoulder, knee pain and more.

Try Mira Pro risk free for 100 days.
Try Mira Pro risk free for 100 days.

Made for convenience

No wires, no bulky straps, no fuss.

Mira Pro is super compact, wearable under clothes, allowing you to go about your day, discreetly with no interruptions.

Wireless, discreet

Mira Pro


TENs device

Packed with features

5 modes + 10 intensity levels

Bonus remote control for privacy

Rechargeable up to 5 hours pain-relief

TENS backed
by Science

Real women, real stories

Used & loved by thousands of Aussie women.

Usually TENS devices are bulky with lots of cords but not the MIRA PRO. Its so small and comfy you can even wear it under your clothes to work or school. You can bye bye to those pesky pains, so you can laugh and dance in peace :')" 🥰🦋⁠


The Mira Pro... ⁠Wear it whilst you lounge around at home 🧘‍♂️⁠ Whilst you exercise 🏋️⁠ Or even on your way to work 🚖⁠ It is discreet, wireless and silent, perfect for every day use when you're in need 💙⁠


oh hey, friends✨ good news, I found an immediate and drug-free solution to period pain. @themirapro 💞 tiny and discrete when you need to be on the go, pulse therapy tech used by doctors and physios. (if ur like me you can slap it on and still stay in bed 🌼😌)


My periods have stopped me from some of the biggest events of my life, and on multiple occasions have landed me in hospital because the pain was so severe that over the counter medication didn’t touch it. With most period pain treatments being invasive, medical, uncomfortable or unavailable, @themirapro has been an absolute life saver.


Period pain sucks 😩 and I am someone who suffers from the worst pain!! 🙁⁣ so I’m refusing to take painkillers or be bedridden thanks to @themirapro


I use @themirapro on my lower abdomen and lower back and it has helped so much.


Mira Pro is this wireless, tiny, discrete (I even wore it out under my jeans!) device that uses pulse therapy to block pain signals from reaching your brain. It's a great way to manage period pain; drug-free👩‍⚕️⁠
And off-label Lena-approved use; in backache from too much sitting at my laptop from studying🤓⁠

This is an absolute game changer for me, it’s honestly changed my flare ups and periods!! I love how I can walk around doing whatever I like with it hidden under my clothes and the different modes and speeds are so useful (especially for the more painful days). It has given me back a chunk of my life that used to just be a week of medicated unbearable pain.

Rosie. K

Ideal for any woman experiencing pain, the Mira Pro is an entirely different experience compared to other tens machines. It relieves pain much quicker and is SO discrete and 100% wireless! I feel comfortable enough to wear it out in public as it sits completely hidden underneath my clothes.


From a young age, I dealt with very painful periods that were quite difficult and debilitating. Not wanting to rely solely on medications, I am ALWAYS looking for drug free pain relief!⁠ After 30 minutes of use during a flare up, I noticed a reduction in pain in the area, the different settings allowed me to choose what felt good for me, and at an intensity to support my relief.


i’m often debilitated by the amount of pain i’m in around that time of the month.. and it gets incredibly frustrating. i have gone to countless doctors over the years and after trialing way too many types of medicine it’s SO NICE to have a device that helps with the pain without having to take pills!⁠ so this one goes out to all my menstruating pals out there! this device has helped me loads and i honestly love love love using it.


I have used COUNTLESS tens devices and the Mira Pro is an amazing discrete, powerful, cost-effective option for pain relief. It sticks right to your skin, so no need to worry about clips or dangling wires (no other device I have used has this feature). It charges fast and is absolutely gorgeous 😍


It’s been super helpful for my intestinal pain, bladder pain, and spondylosis pain (back injury). There are some warnings in the instruction manual about where not to place it (heart, head, etc) but other than that you can and should get creative! Sometimes successful pain relief is a lot about how creative you get with what you have lol


This small white contraption uses clinically tested pulse therapy to block pain signals from reaching the brain. Slap it on wherever you feel the most pain during menstruation and even the most intense pain is sorted. If you are like me and have this weird unexplainable ego that thinks it’s too tough for paracetamol then this is a great drug free alternative.


Periods for me are really hard. I’m talking painful, heavy, bloating, clotting, moody and knowing I have no control of the pain when it happens is something I struggle with.I can now honestly say GOODBYE 👋🏾 to the pain side of things with the Mira Pro ✨ I could not recommend it enough if you suffer similar things that I do when it comes to periods.


No more medication for me, which is such a huge thing because my periods have always been so painful. for anyone of my followers who suffer from painful periods, and are looking for an alternative pain relief that works instantly - I definitely would recommend the Mira pro.


Nobody warned me about my period in my 40s. I thought I was done with that part. I’ve tried meds, heating pads and just about every trick out there but nothing makes a dent and the discomfort and pain do not quit. Thankfully, I now have the @TheMiraPro in my period toolbox and it’s been AMAZING. I use mine on my lower back particularly and I love that I can still go about my daily life while it provides the relief I’ve been seeking! It’s so small it fits under your clothes and can even help you sleep better.


@themirapro has been the absolute BEST solution. Once you stick it on you can go about your normal life while managing your pain 👏🏻⁣for all my menstruating friends out there who deals with intense period pain. @mirapro is about to be your new BFF 💕


Here is how I show up almost everyday! When you see me working, dancing, drinking or just simply living, I am doing so with @themirapro. I have been on a journey to find the best method in managing my pain and @themirepro tens technology has been a great addition to my Pain Care Plan. It provides me drug free relief to manage my pain.


I used this both during my ovulation pain and period pain and after about 10 minutes i can say it definitely reduced the amount of pain I was feeling, which is great considering my pain levels have usually stopped me from being able to do day to day things. I even used it on my shoulder blade when it was giving me grief and it was actually amazing 🤩


I mean, anything is worth a try especially if I don’t have to take strong pain medication, right?!⁠ I can 100% say the @themirapro helped with the pain! I only had to take ibuprofen during my last period while alternating between using the Mira Pro and a heat pack. AMAZING!" 🥰😇⁠


There's no need to let period pain hold you back anymore with @themirapro - natural, game changing and discreet this small and effective tens machine is a great way to combat period pain so you can get on with your day.⁠ Simply pop it on in the area you get your period pain and then get on with your day!⁠


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Free shipping Australia-wide.

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